Washington State Odyssey Leg #5:  Seattle, an Urban Gem



Patty and I view Seattle as one of America’s more livable and better put together cities.  Seattle provides a very good mass transit system that allows a person to get around without a car.  The city has developed a cool urban vibe that was evident in our bustling First Avenue corridor. 

Much of Seattle’s wealth has been created by world class hi-tech companies; Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon.com and many others.  Cisco, the producer of the brains that drive our computers, has a building near the Seattle Science Center and Space Needle tower.

Seattle has 4,000 parks; green spaces such as this garden and nursery down the hill from our hotel are diverse pockets of natural beauty. 

Location: Seattle waterfront, Elliot Bay area.


The Fisherman’s Restaurant on the Waterfront Pier is a favorite of ours to view the harbor and enjoy a good cup of Clam Chowder or oysters on the half shell. 

Location: Seattle waterfront, Elliot Bay; metal lobster is an example of widespread public art.


The State of Washington legalized pot and is strictly regulating the industry and commercial market.  Pot stores like this one are popping up all over the city and state.

Store representatives monitor the front door; another check point is located upon entry into the store.

This psychedelic mural adorns the back wall of the store.

Visually attractive and interesting examples of public art abound around the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, and the Museum of Musical Experience. 

Location: Pacific Science Center “flowers”

Location: Space Needle and Museum of Musical Experience.



Location: Museum of Musical Experience front entrance. 


Location: Main MME space; music video wall, atrium, and guitar statue to right. 



Location: Roots and Branches Sculpture – the Guitar Sculpture – is in the first floor atrium.


Location: Museum of Musical Experience Exit and Star Wars exhibition on right.


There are three other visual arts exhibitions in the museum – this space is dedicated to small recording studios for budding musicians to improve their skills - interesting art forms adorn the walls.

Location: Jimi Hendrix Exhibition Mural, Museum of Musical Experience.


The late Jimi Hendrix is a native son of Seattle and perhaps the greatest rock start to grow there; he is also a favorite of mine.  The MME also showcases Nirvana, the greatest group Washington State has produced, but for some reason, my camera swallowed the pictures of their exhibition so I have focused on Hendrix exclusively.

Jimi’s music featured great guitar playing and fabulous energy.  His colorful clothing and personal style is featured in the outfit exhibited.

I saw many wonderful concerts at the old Fillmore East including Jimi Hendrix.  This photo reflects my philosophy that we need to know our past to understand our present and better predict the future. 

This concludes the Heller – Morrison Trail II Photo Album, Washington State Odyssey, and stay tuned for upcoming road trips and follow up photo albums.