Washington State Odyssey Leg #4: Falls to San Juan Islands


The Salish Lodge is luxurious with a well trained staff that provides outstanding service.  We loved our patio garden, our comfortable room, and beautiful art just outside our door.

Location: Wall art in patio garden wing of hotel.


Location: Attic Bar and Grill seat by window.


Ho hum, just your ordinary Happy Hour view. 

Location: Salish Lodge historical Sign #1 – Snohomish tribe becomes landless; area is part of the Snohomish River Basin.  Working for hop farmers provided a meager but stable life. 


Location: Historical sign #2 - Snoqualmie Pass is lush, verdant.



Historical sign #3



Historical sign #4


Location: Salish Lodge close-in viewing platform.


Location: Salish Lodge extended viewing platform.


Our next destination was Anacortes on Fidalgo Island, and stayed at the Snohomish Casino & Lodge located about 10 miles from the town.  The hotel was nice, well managed, and provided us with a comfortable room with a view of the water and small islands.  The food and service was quite good too.

Location: Entrance to Anacortes and their main commercial boulevard.



Anacortes is a pretty city with some good restaurants, brew pubs, and bars.  Patty and I appreciated the quality of a recent local brewing start-up; also liked Anthony’s for dinner and recommend the Lingcod with fresh local berries garnish. 

Location: Anthony’s Fish House and the local marina.



We took Rt. 20 to Whidbey Island to see Deception Pass and explore Oak Harbor.

Location: West side of bridge overlooking Deception Pass and the Pacific Ocean beyond. 



We visited Oak Harbor and found this interesting historical marker.  Other than the Whidbey Island Naval Air Base, the only sight that stopped our car was two mounted jet fighter aircraft. 


Our next stop was Seattle for the two last days of our journey at the El Gaucho Inn, a jewel of a boutique hotel in the heart of Belltown’s cool First Avenue corridor. 

Leg #5 is an exploration of the waterfront, the Space Needle district with a focus on the Museum of Musical Experience and Jimi Hendrix in particular.  I apologize to Nirvana fans for I took photos of their exhibit too but for some reason my camera swallowed the images.